Heavy Duty Shelving Racks

Heavy Duty Shelving Racks

In theory, heavy dutu shelving racks are designed to optimize the use of vertical space. Beam heights can be altered if pallet load heights change. In practice, this does not often occur because of the cost and disruption to the operation. Typically, two pallets are stored per bay (ie between rack uprights). The conventional way of laying out Adjustable Pallet Racking (APR) is to have one row single deep against the wall at each end of the installation, with back-to-back rows in between. This gives every truck aisle access to two rows of racking, and minimizes the number of aisles required. APR is a flexible, versatile storage system, which gives excellent stock access.

STO Adjustable pallet racking is probably the most widely used type of pallet racking, and offers free access to every pallet held. It can be built to match the lift height of any fork-lift truck/ Stackers. It consists of upright end frames and pairs of horizontal beams on which the pallets are located, and beam heights are adjustable to suit the height of the pallet loads being stored.

  • A boltless, chip-on heavy duty storage systems that are easy in installing and shifting.
  • Custom built for any load, width and height.
  • Ideal for Palletized and Non-Palletized Stores.
  • Cold formed light gauge sections with high strength to weight ration.


This is ideal for warehouse, pharmaceuticals, logistics & industrial stores.

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